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Katherine Black

Born in South Shields, Tyne & Weir, Katherine Black lives on the tip of the beautiful British Lake District. She lives with her partner and 4 dysfunctional but co-mingling pets.

She is a mother, grandmother and secret keeper of all. 

Her marketing assistant is her German shepherd, Teagan, who generally snoozes, and her opinion is, ‘Yeah, seen it all before, Mum.’ Echo (Tenmen) the yappiest terrier known to mankind.  She expects to be writing from a prison cell very soon. Trevalion, the four-foot Iguana, has learned how to use the cat flap. Despite the advent of another bleak, British winter, he insists on escaping into the garden where he sits awaiting rescue. Ravnica, the python, doesn’t have a lot to say—but looks lovingly at the terrier.

Books by Katherine Black:
 Silas Nash Book 1: Hush Hush Honeysuckle:
 Silas Nash book 2: Night Night Necropolis
 Silas Nash book 3: Lie Lie Lullaby
The Last Matriarch
Nowwhere Boulevard
A Question of Sanity

And in family reading: fantasy/adventure
Lizard’s Leap &
Keepers of the Quantum

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