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Cold-Blooded Carnival

By Katherine Black

In a circus of shadows, death takes centre stage.

In the shadowy heart of Prague, beneath the looming towers of Vysehrad Castle, DCI Nash finds himself ensnared in a web of malevolence. As a once-celebrated circus unravels into a maelstrom of death, the macabre discovery of a fifteen-year-old trapeze artist signals the start of a nightmare murder spree that disrupts the colourful façade of the big top.

With the spectral hum of an uninvited carousel heralding a curse, Nash is thrown into a case where the performers live by superstition and folklore.

With time running out, Nash battles the clock to unmask the mastermind behind the madness. But the circus is a place where crazy isn’t always fun. Every smile conceals an agenda. As the secrets unravel, the real monsters aren’t in the funhouse . . . they walk among the innocent.

‘Cold-Blooded Carnival is the best Silas Nash thriller yet. Written in a more vivid style than Black’s trademark stripped-back prose, it’s a pulse-pounding thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the shocking reveal. Brilliant. A movie-worthy masterpiece.’ — Brian Dawson

Step right up, if you dare, for a performance where fear and suspense fly under the glittering lights of the big top.

Book 4 of Silas Nash

Publication Date:

September 21, 2023

EBOOK: $4.99 (US) £3.99 (UK) $5.99 (CAN)

Available on Kindle Unlimited (KU)

PAPERBACK:  Pages: 367 Retail: $10.99 (US) £9.99 (UK) $11.99 (CAN)