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A Question of Sanity

By Katherine Black

Author Ellie Erikson is dying from a rare degenerative disease that even the experts don’t know much about. But that’s just the start of her problems.

When her boyfriend is beaten and left for dead, Ellie is the prime suspect. He names her as his attacker—but she has no recollection of hurting him.

She’s told to expect changes to her personality—but the doctors never mentioned insanity.

As she looks to her childhood for answers, everything about her past and upbringing is brought into question.

When psychosis comes for her from a damaged mind, a wasting illness is the least of Ellie’s troubles. And as the secrets unravel, it opens a nightmarish instability.Ellie Erikson has nothing left to lose when even her time is forfeit.

Can she combat the evils in her life before time runs out? A novel of fear and suspense.

A Question of Sanity is Katherine Black’s darkest, most perverse and chilling work.


A Question of Sanity

Publication Date: April 20, 2016

EBOOK: $4.99 (US) £3.99 (UK) $5.99 (CAN)

Available on Kindle Unlimited (KU)

PAPERBACK:  Pages: 472 Retail: $10.99 (US) £9.99 (UK) $11.99 (CAN)