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Nowhere Boulevard

By Katherine Black

Stephen Bell is compelled to dredge up every secret as his daughter’s world falls apart.

Fourteen-year-old Sarah’s perfect existence is shattered when everything trusted and comfortable is stolen from her.

She loves life . . . until her mother announces that she’s pregnant. But this is no ordinary pregnancy. In this domestic thriller, the family has to define where normal stops and madness begins.

While the family is distracted, someone is watching. But what does this mean for Sarah?

This is no Disneyland. This is Nowhere Boulevard.

In Katherine Black’s genre-defying style, she breathes life into a family at breaking point. But you will be left with no doubt that this is Katherine Black at her psychological best.

Book 1 of Silas Nash

Publication Date: August 24, 2020

EBOOK: $4.99 (US) £3.99 (UK) $5.99 (CAN)

Available on Kindle Unlimited (KU)

PAPERBACK:  Pages: 225 Retail: $10.99 (US) £9.99 (UK) $11.99 (CAN)