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By Katherine Black

Leverage is testament to how one innocuous ad in the local paper can turn your world upside down.

Two people come into Beth’s life. ONE gives her a reason to die. THE OTHER gives her no other option.

She appears out of nowhere and wants to be Beth’s friend. It would be sweet if it wasn’t so damned creepy.

Beth can’t shake her. She won’t take no for an answer, and Beth’s gentle life becomes a vortex that she can’t control.

Black’s trademark knack of delving into the psyche and finding the pockets of humanity that nobody wants to admit to have never been more in evidence than in Leverage. In this book, she bypasses black and goes to whatever black becomes when it gets darker.

This is a story about power – how much influence can one person have over somebody else?

Be Beth’s friend and find out.


Publication Date: June 7, 2017

EBOOK: $4.99 (US) £3.99 (UK) $5.99 (CAN)

Available on Kindle Unlimited (KU)

PAPERBACK:  Pages: 374 Retail: $10.99 (US) £9.99 (UK) $11.99 (CAN)